Price and Quality

One of the basic & MAIN reason why we incorporated PengThingss is to provide the best quality trending products to our customers with the lowest prices possible. Unlike the conventional sellers, we don’t operate with many physical stores with high rent, wages and distribution overheads. We have our own warehouses. There are no agents involved in the procurement process. For the rest of the operations until the dispatch of the products, we have in-house departments. That is how we eventually are able to cut the unnecessary costs out and pass that benefit on to our customers.

What Is PengThingss - (PengTings)

Word "PengTing" is slang in United Kingdom which is trending and often widely used by young generation and "PengTing" means attractive person, attractive thing, good-looking, hot, especially an attractive woman and as for word "Ting" it means thing (i.e anything).That is why we have chosen this name for our store which basically means Peng = Attractive and Ting = Clothes - Attractive Clothes. Our main motive is to provide best quality products that are in trend right now to our customers at affordable prices so they can wear and feel Peng Woman Dancing on Apple .


We sincerely believe that a good shopping experience is what makes our customers return to us. We want you to be happy and satisfied with PengThingss and your purchases with us. Therefore, we guarantee to offer you 24 hours customer service to better assist you. Should you have any inquiries regarding your purchases, please email us at We guarantee that we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon and thoroughly as we can.